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Santosa Jaya Makmur (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

SANTOSA JAYA MAKMUR is a company engaged in the field of refrigeration as a sales distributor and supplier of air-conditioning parts such as compressors, freons, oil, and other air-conditioning spare parts located at Lindevetes Trade Center Lt.1 Blok C19 No.1 Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 127 West Jakarta 11180.

Santosa Jaya Makmur established in 2015 has experience in the supply of air-conditioning parts. We have served and supplied goods to various factories, apartments, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, hospitals, malls, etc. Our products have been tested for quality and excellence so they can be relied on for your needs.

The AC Parts we sell are:
1. AC Compressor Brands Daikin, Panasonic, LG, Bitzer, Kultron, Sanyo, Samsung, Copeland, Techcumseh, Semihermatic, Danfoss, Bristol, etc.
2. Freon AC Type R22 Refrigrant / Dupont, R410A Refrigrant / Dupont, R40 Refrigrant / Dupont, R407 Refrigrant / Dupont, R507 Refrigrant / Dupont, R417 Refrigrant / Dupont, R11 Refrigrant / R32 Refrigrant / Ront , Freon Brand Chemours, etc.
3. Suniso Oil Compressor, 3GS, 4GS, 5GS, SL32, SL68; Emkarate RL32H, RL68H Oil Compressor, etc.
4. Robin Air USA Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Pump Value, etc.
5. Steam AC Kyowa 20A, Kyowa 40A
6. Danfoss Expansion Valve
7. Filter Dryer Brand Danfoss, Alco, Emerson, etc.
8. Core Dryer Brand Emerson H48, D48, 48DC, F48, etc.
9. Other AC spare parts

If you are interested in establishing a partnership with us, please do not hesitate to contact us at Number 021-22683883 or 021-22683931 and WA 081219110266. We are ready to serve your needs in accordance with our quality You Share We Care.


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